Jarred Elrod, Graphic Designer and Educator

Branding & Systems: The Moth Project | St.
Norbert College + Plantbot Genetics

Collaborative, NEA funded community arts project through St. Norbert College and artist duo Plantbot Genetics. The project focused on informing the public about the importance of pollinators to local ecosystems through active community engagement, hands-on projects and exhibitions.

Small Business Branding: Dale’s Fried Pies | Knoxville, TN

Branding and supplementary materials created including promotion for a successful kickstarter campaign to fund a food truck renovation. This is an ongoing designer / client relationship since 2012.

Branding & Systems: Fashion This | St. Norbert College

A series of exhibitions and events that shine a light on harmful fast fashion practices while also proposing practical, small-scale solutions for anyone who wants a fashionable closet that doesn’t depend on waste and exploitation. All of the events take place at either St. Norbert College or Silver Lake College.” (Caption quoted from snc.edu/fashionthis)

Photography, Copywriting and Motion Design | Oddfellows Cemetery and The University of Tennessee

A public service announcement calling for the grounds restoration and sustained upkeep initiative of Oddfellows Cemetery—a historic African American Cemetery in Knoxville, TN.

Poster Design, Photography and Illustration | Texas Tech University School of Theatre and Dance

Posters for the 2016/2017 + 2017/2018 Theatre Seasons at Texas Tech University

Experimental Illustration, Web Design and Installation | Two Person Research Collaboration

Long term text and image/illustration collaboration with Dr. Mark Charney, Playwright and Department Chair of Texas Tech School of Theatre and Dance.Visit our website to see more.

Branding and Systems | Wildwind Performance Lab, Texas Tech University

Created Logo and supporting materials for an innovative, process oriented summer theatre program held every summer since 2013 at Texas Tech University.

Poster Design and illustration | The Tenderhooks Band

Concert posters created between 2009-2011 for a Knoxville, TN band. One poster was featured in David Sherwin’s HOW publication “Creative Workshop, 80 Design Challenges.”

Publication Design and Illustration | University of Tennessee Graphic Design and Architecture

Work promoting the University of Tennessee’s 2010 Solar Decathlon Entry Living Light.” NOTE: Another designer on the team I worked with created the “Living Light” logo and small iconography shown in the print piece and video screen capture.

Identity and Poster Design | Governor’s Ball Music Festival & Design Sensory, Knoxville, TN

Logo and poster creation for the first annual Governor’s Ball Music Festival. NOTE: I am not responsible for changes made to the logo, poster and website post 2011.

Branding and Systems | University of Tennessee, Knoxville Architecture

Materials created for a symposium on “Making” in Appalachian Culture, this project was funded by the NEA.

Small Business Re-Brand and Systems | RALA (Regional and Local Artisans, Knoxville, TN)

Re-designed logo and supporting material for print, web and social media.

New Small Business Branding | The Central Collective, Knoxville, TN

Logo, neon exterior signage and supporting material for print, web and social media.

Exhibition / Installation Design | MFA Thesis Exhibition “Everything and Nothing”

A one year process-based exercise where personal daily writings were made into a live-updated website, illustrations and 3D / interactive installations. All work was then synthesized into a single final exhibition.

Installation Design, Performance and Branding | “The Official 2016 Hall of Shame Induction Ceremony”

This exhibition explores the concept of shame using the highly recognizable visual language of one of our most violent and ironically beloved sports—American Football. Manipulating the concept of “teams” and a “hall of fame:’ the artist seeks to question what we have shamefully (consciously or unconsciously) deemed culturally permissible at one time or another throughout the short history of American culture. Four new teams were up for induction, the audience voted during the exhibition and the winner was announced via social media the same night. Over 400 votes were counted from gallery participants with “Huntsville Homophobics” winning the nomination.

Jarred Elrod is an Educator and Graphic Designer currently residing in Gainesville, Florida. Raised in a small Texas Panhandle town, Elrod received his B.F.A. in Graphic Design from West Texas A&M University and his M.F.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In addition to his experience teaching at the University of Florida, Arizona State University and Texas Tech University, he recently partnered with Western Oregon University to complete a mini-term as Visiting Professor of Graphic Design at Gaungxi Arts Institute in Nanning, China.

Coupled with his passion for teaching and love for all things related to Design Process, Elrod enthusiastically practices Graphic Design. His interests include client-based work for non-profits and cross-discipline experimental projects specifically related to Design for the Theatre. A sampling of Elrod’s recent work is featured in the Fall 2017 edition of HOW Magazine’s Promotion and Marketing issue and the 2017 Texas Biennial held in Austin, Texas. When he’s not teaching or making things, he can be found on ambitious road trips with his spouse and their Labrador Retriever.

—JLE 2019