project 02 (updated):—final deliverables + schedule

Website Presentation Instructions for 04/24:

  • 3-4 minute presentation with 2-3 minutes of Q&A
  • Show site home page
  • Choose 2 contrasting projects that showcase your range of skills well to briefly walk through
  • Show the about page, discuss where you are headed / what what your are doing next
  • Take questions

James Victore Print Magazine Article

course essentials

project 01: Re-work

Site Visit | Whole Foods

• Photograph 1 thing that inspires you, write a 3 sentence paragraph (minimum) about why.

• Photograph 1 thing that discourages  you, write 3 sentence paragraph (minimum) about why.

• Photograph 1 thing you like, but could be designed better, write a 3 sentence paragraph (minimum) about why.

• Put all photos and paragraphs in a single document, print and bring to class to discuss Monday, 02/04.

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