I'm Sorry You're Happy, A body of work created by Mark Charney and Jarred Elrod

Mark Charney, Author, I'm Sorry You're Happy Bio Photo
{Dr. Mark Charney}

Dr. Mark Charney is and educator, playwright and academic administrator residing in Lubbock, Texas. He currently serves as Chair for the Department of Theatre and Dance in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Texas Tech University. Previous to his service at Texas Tech, Charney was Director of Theatre at Clemson University, where he holds the title of Professor Emeritus.

In addition to his stellar academic service, Charney is a prolific and accomplished playwright, critic and performing arts advocate. His works have been produced internationally and his contributions and continuous dedication to the world of theatre serve as an inspiration to an entire generation of upcoming performing / visual artists.

Jarred Elrod, Author, I'm Sorry You're Happy Biography Photo
{Jarred Elrod}

Jarred Elrod is a Graphic Designer and Educator currently residing in Gainesville, Florida. In addition to his ongoing freelance design practice, he was most recently a Visiting Professor of Graphic Design at Texas Tech University. Elrod received is MFA in Graphic Design from the University of Tennessee in 2010.

He aspires to work with people he could be friends with. He's also interested in military history, politics, self reflection, humor and the end of the world. His strengths as a visual designer fall primarily in the realms of illustration and identity development.

(A chance meeting)

This project became possible the day Charney met Elrod at Texas Tech Convocation for the 2012-2013 School Year. Both Charney and Elrod were new to TTU. Elrod was hired for a one year position as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Graphic Design while Charney was made the new Department chair for Theatre and Dance. A discussion began over the camera used in the photograph (shown above) Elrod had used for his bio photo.

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