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project 01: Website

What is a Visual Sitemap?

Digital Site-mapping tool or you can make your own in illustrator.

project 02: App


  • Name: Gainesvegas
    Description: UF’s hottest club is “Gainesvegas.” Located on the 4th floor of Fine Arts C, this place has everything: ghosts, shuffling, young Jewish goths. To get the password to enter, all you have to do is host a seance in the basement bathroom and summon the spirit of Pentagram’s founding members.

  • Flower Festival
    A spring festival featuring lots of flower vendors. A place where people can come and buy flowers, take photos, and enjoy the beauty. Lots of photo opps and food vendors?

  • “Nacho Average Festival” (Name courtesy of Tara): Similar to the chili cook-off competition but nachos (it’s my favorite food). I imagine it to be an all day cook-off event that is set up very similar to a festival, with stands, music, etc.

  • Taylor McGee

    “Quest” or ‘Odyssey” Festival

    Scavenger Hunt/Clue/Mystery Solving themed music festival. Festival is held in a different city every year. All event details are hidden and must be uncovered through a series of clues. You have to work to figure out everything, lineup, location, set times, etc. High risk but very high payoff – because of challenge level of the clues/mysteries the sets are very exclusive – huge name artists playing in very small venue. Festival has no set physical location – sets/venues are scattered about the city the festival is set in.

  • New York Avant-Garde Fashion Week

    This occasion will highlight the work of avant-garde fashion designers in a week-long event consisting of fashion shows, galleries, and socials.

  • Rachel Morris
    Amateur film festival held in Seattle for aspiring filmmakers, but only for romantic comedy films. An independent approach to a highly commercialized genre. It takes place around Valentines Day, and is a celebration of indie creators, the romcom genre, and love!

  • FLOW x NIGHT (flow by night)
    This event is a one-day fest/retreat beginning in the early morning and ending late night where the day activities are centered around yoga and mindfulness with the night activities centered around entering a state of flow and flow arts.

    “Flow, also known as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.”

  • Name: Erin Pascoe
    Event Name: Jumbo Jam
    Event Description: This event would be a community event that involves over-sized board games, activities, hangout spots, etc. Friends and family can enjoy a game of giant chess, sit in exaggerated chairs, and eat food that is way passed the ordinary size (Game ideas: life-size Chess, checkers, puzzles, jenga, connect four, legos, maze, etc.).

  • Eleni

    Lemons and Leaves

    Lemons and Leaves would be a tea-making course, including pottery instruction to make the teacups, learning about the history behind tea and the ingredients incorporated in it, learning to harvest and dry the ingredients, and learning the proper way to prepare the tea.

  • In Your Dreams Pop-Up Shop

    A pop-up shop that combines unique popular brands with local vendors to create a clean “cool girl” type vibe and visual system. My inspiration is drawn from brands that I love, but find hard to buy because they are mostly online or only have stand alone shops in LA or New York and I like to try things on or see how they’ll look on me. I want to include fashion brands like Dollskill, Valfre, Lazy Oaf, etc; and makeup brands like LimeCrime, Sugarpill, Colourpop, and more. Some local brands would include Future Perfekt Vintage and Moody Babez. It would be fun to have things like makeovers to try out different products, local food trucks, and maybe a DJ or something. Fun and girly and cool

  • Cafe Grand Opening
    Chemistry Café
    Grand opening of a food science oriented cafe that is themed around the ingredients that make up coffee, tea, and bakery goods. Think the periodic table and atomic structures.

  • Shaza jendi
    Event name : crochet with love / crochet love

    The event is a 2 day workshop for crochet lovers, people will be asked to buy tickets. In the event they will be provided with all the tools needed. They will knit several small things. The things they knit they will either buy them or they will be sold online. The money will be given to a charity. Every workshop will fund different charities. It will be targeted towards people who are 20+

  • An Vuong
    The Unconventional Food Festival (working title)

    Cultures around the world have dishes that would be considered “weird” in the context of American society.
    This would be a chance to showcase each country’s use of spices and ingredients. Festival goers have a choice on how adventurous they want to be with their food choices. The further in towards the center of the festival site they go, the weirder the food gets.

  • Top Up

    An event to replenish your tastebuds. Multiple different workshops and activities to understand your tastebuds more and experience their skills.

    . Experience the taste of organically, fair grown foods
    . Compare organic foods to GMO foods
    . Taste foods without any seasoning
    . Describing the natural taste of produce
    . Taste something very sugary/salty at the beginning and then once again at the end (documenting and commenting on the difference of experience)
    . Promote the eating of whole, unprocessed foods (talking about their benefits i.e. digestion)
    . Factors that distract your tastebuds

  • Name: Save a Story

    Description: A traveling book fair that relocates from town to town. People are encouraged to trade one of their own books in order to take another, allowing for a constant exchange of books. Either in pop-up store or food truck-ish form.

  • Taylor F.

    Event: Folklore Forum

    Description: This event will be a two day weekend event that hosts speakers and talks on international folklore and legends, their roles in culture and tradition, and the art of storytelling. It’s also just an event for people into some good ol’ SpOoKy ghost stories and lore. The venue will host live podcast episodes , art vendors, merch, and more alongside the keynote speakers.

    (MowNoMore, MONOMO, Monomo)

    Turfgrass lawns are unsustainable, environmentally bad for Florida and bad for people’s health but most folks don’t know there is an alternative.

    This ongoing event features a variety of activities that encourage Floridians to stop the lawn madness in a fun way. The event could include a human-powered push mower derby, demonstration yards, yard transformation workshops, pollinator ID events, lectures, field trips, and a Mo No Mo blues concert.

    – Lawn turf is unsustainable
    – Turf does not support pollinators or wildlife
    – Keeping turf green wastes water
    – Lawns require pesticides and herbicides that can contaminate water and fish: these also kill pollinators and damage soil organisms necessary for life
    – Lawns need fertilizer which runs off in stormwater and creates algae blooms
    – Mowing burns fossil fuels and adds poisonous hydrocarbons to the environment. It also contributes to climate change

  • Retrograde – Zodiac Themed Culture and Arts Festival

    – still figuring out how to narrow down the specific events and activity
    – thinking a 2 day event
    – readings, discussion, based around the zodiac and astrology
    – lessons on astrology and the zodiac across different cultures
    – local vendors and music
    – group exercises on the signs and pairings

  • Proposed Event Name:
    Garage Sale / Resale weekend (not sure about the name so far)
    Organized garage sale on a square
    For sellers: Bring your stuff (only home stuff or handmade), get the unique barcode, put your stuff on the shelf, and get your money at the end of the event.
    For visitors: browse around, buy what you want or need.

  • Name speculations:
    Claydoh Museum
    Pause : Clay

    Feeling overwhelmed? Need a break? Want to put your brain on pause for a few minutes? Visit us on 123 Mainstreet and tour our traveling interactive art exhibit “Pause: Clay,” where visitors are invited to mold and shape 45-pound mounds of colorful clay and witness work on display. The exhibit is an ever-changing arrangement of unique sculptures created by our equally colorful and diverse community. Close your laptop and come on down to let some steam off and show us your best clay creation.

  • Event Name: SDBX [Seattle Digital Battleground Experience]

    SDBX takes place every year in the Seattle, Washington as gamers from across the globe come together to test their skills as well as celebrate every nuance of gaming culture. The event hosts multiple genres, including: MOBA, Fighting, FPS, and Speedrunning. At SDBX attendees can expect to compete, create, and learn through the activities hosted by guest speakers and stars.

  • Spring Textile Festival

    This event will be the Coachella of textiles and pattern-making. I want it to be a weekend event that brings artists (they can sign up!) and textile/patter-lovers together from all over the world. I want to create my own patterns. The website will include the what, who (the confirmed artists and a submission form), when and where of the event, as well as tickets, & contact info.

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